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Fast, easy and reliable express shipping services

NextFlightCourier is an exclusive same day service provider. We specialize in local, national and international same day shipping services. We help to deliver your package anytime, anywhere, and in the fastest way possible. NextFlightCourier picks up your urgent shipment in an easy and fast manner, without any hassle.

24/7 Express Shipping in Canada and Worldwide

At NextFlightCourier, we work 24/7 so we can ship your letter, parcels or skids even on weekends, holidays and after hours. We specialize in delivering time critical shipments, temperature sensitive products and important documents safely and on time. Our team always finds the right shipping possibilities to fit the needs of our customers. We don’t only aim to provide superior services to our esteemed customers by proving the fastest and most efficient shipping solutions, but we also strive to keep the costs low.

Our 24/7 shipping services include Next Flight Out, On Board Courier, Passport Courier, Air Cargo Charter as well as Local Delivery and Direct Drive.

Why choose NextFlightCourier?
  • Fastest way of shipping
  • 24/7 pick-up & drop-off
  • Flexible transportation solutions
  • Worldwide shipping services
  • Personal support
  • Easy and quick handling

Our Same Day Shipping Services

NextFlightCourier Worldwide Ltd. is specialized in emergency and rush shipping. Local, national or international- we offer services anywhere, anytime, whenever you need it! Depending on the weight and type of your shipment, our agents will provide you with the best shipping options to fit all your needs. We offer various options i.e. Ground, Regular Air, Next Flight Out, Air Charter and Direct Drive to provide the best possible solution to our customers. All our services are available and offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

NextFlight Cargo starts flights to Bangkok, Thailand, Hanoi

24/7 Direct Drive

Direct Drive is the best same day shipping service for national shipments or sending urgent packages by car, mini van or cargo van. Our drivers will pick up your parcel and deliver it to its destination without any stops. We also offer cross-border shipping and will handle the custom process.

NextFlight Cargo starts flights to Bangkok, Thailand, Hanoi

24/7 Local Delivery

Do you need to send something within a city or the region? NextFlightCourier’s local drivers are the best option if you wish to ship your package within a few hours. Just one call to our agent will set you up with your rush delivery. Our fleet for local shipping services include cars, vans and trucks.

NextFlight Cargo starts flights to Bangkok, Thailand, Hanoi

24/7 Next Flight Out

Flying your urgent package as air cargo from one airport to the other with the next available flight means Next Flight Out. No matter if nationwide or worldwide – NextFlightCourier will find the best flight for your shipment. We will handle all the paperwork and give you regular updates in our tracking system.

NextFlight Cargo starts flights to Bangkok, Thailand, Hanoi

24/7 On Board Courier (OBC)

Hand Carry or On Board Courier is the safest and fastest same day shipping service offered by NextFlightCourier. One of our OBC specialist will accompany your urgent shipment all the way to its destination. This express shipping service is the best and the fastest solution for your urgent shipments.

NextFlight Cargo starts flights to Bangkok, Thailand, Hanoi

24/7 Cargo Charter

NextFlightCourier offers Air Charter service for urgent medical samples, plant shutdown or any urgent shipment that needs to go ASAP. We can arrange anything a the single engine to a jet as per your requirement to make your delivery FAST. Our specialist can arrange this service within the shortest amount of time.

24/7 Same Day Shipping

NextFlightCourier delivers your package 24 hours a day, 7 days a week –even on weekends and holidays.

Door to Door Courier

NextFlightCourier picks up from your business or residential address and delivers directly to its destination.

Personal Service

Our agents choose the best solution for your needs and support you during the whole shipping process.