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What is Air Cargo Charter?

In Air Cargo Chartering, we reserve a plane exclusively to serve you and hence we have more control over factors such as flight schedule, time, destination location, dimensions, weight, etc. If your shipment is bulky or needs to be sent out in an emergency, then this is the most suitable service for you.

Air Cargo Chartering is the fastest and the most efficient service weather you are dealing with an interrupted production process, a medical emergency, excessive customer demand, a perishable order or need to ship to a remote or a disaster-struck area.

NextFlightCourier also recommends this shipping service for big size or heavy items that need to be shipped quickly, as cargo aircrafts are very reliable and are capable of carrying more weight than private aircrafts.

How does Air Charter work?

The professional Air Cargo Charter team at NextFlightCourier specializes in, and exclusively handles this shipping method using cutting edge technology and credible industry contacts to deliver the best possible solution at competitive rates. You can call or email us to inquire about your Air Cargo Charter needs, and upon booking, our team will take care of the entire process from identifying and coordinating the most suitable route, to booking the optimal aircraft, managing the required flight permits, provisioning the loading equipment, as well as deploying the necessary safety precautions. This service needs to be scheduled at least 24 hours before the shipment is ready for pick-up. NextFlightCourier can also arrange for a pick-up from the shipment’s origin, customs clearance along with delivery to its destination. You can also keep track of the status of your shipment on NextFlightCourier’s tracking system or by calling our Customer Service.

Type of aircrafts for your Air Charter

With access to various types of aircrafts fleet in the world, we can almost serve any airport in Canada, the US and as well as globally. Our team can arrange an Air Cargo Charter service as per your need ensuring on time delivery, cost certainty and any special handling requirements. Whether you are looking for a Turboprop or Jet, we can arrange it for you in the shortest span of time.

  • Turboprops are the best and cost effective if your shipment is less than 1,000 Kgs and need to be delivered to a location within 3 hours of flying time.
  • Jet types are the best, if your shipment needs to be delivered to a location that is more than 3 hours of flying time. Jet planes are faster and can carry more weight than Turboprops (depending on the size of jet).

NextFlightCourier's worldwide Air Cargo Charter is serving the following industries:

  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Automotive Industries
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Aircraft parts (AOG)
  • Maritime
  • Relief goods