Aircraft On Ground (AOG)


AOG delivery international– Aircraft parts shipping worldwide

Nobody in the aviation industry wants to see an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) when it should be flying in the air. It’s a term that almost immediately send many within the industry into panic mode since it can mean massive disruptions in tightly planned flight schedules, as well as huge losses for the carrier/company. It affects not only the airline and passengers but has a huge impact on airfreight as well.

When an aircraft has been grounded for any reason, every company/carrier wants to keep customer inconvenience and revenue losses as low as possible. The slightest delay in responding to a crisis AOG situation can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so bringing the stranded plane back in the air as soon as possible is the goal of all players involved.

NextFlightCourier has a dedicated department for AOG deliveries worldwide. We understand that each passing minute in such crisis situations can have huge implications, hence our specialized team offers priority AOG service 24/7- during late hours, on weekends as well as on public holidays. We manage the entire shipping process in a fast, reliable and secure manner, and ensure the timely delivery of the machine part/s to any destination in the world.

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Shipping aircraft parts internationally via NextFlightCourier’s 24/7 AOG Priority Service

Has your plane been stranded at the Toronto International Airport, or did it break down in Seattle? Or maybe you are trying to repair a grounded aircraft in Frankfurt. Do not worry as NextFlightCourier’s specialized AOG agents are all ready to ship the desperately needed machine parts to anywhere in the world in the fastest way possible.

We are the trusted courier partner for various OEM parts manufacturers in Canada and the US, and assure the quickest turnaround time for all your AOG needs! Shipping aircraft parts overseas is our specialty, so count on us for your next Aircraft on Ground (AOG) shipment!

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