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Striving to ace ATMP’s and Pharma-Logistics by providing reliable and fast shipping services to the Health Care Industry

The health care industry is evolving more than ever before, and ATMP as well as pharma-logistics have a very vital yet responsible role to play in this.

Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMP) are changing the face of the healthcare industry. Where on one hand they hold the potential to substantially improve healthcare, on the other hand, their complex nature presents some challenging logistical problems.

NextFlightCourier has a comprehensive logistical structure for ATMPs and has a proven track record of providing vein-to-vein logistical solutions. Moreover, we provide expedited and reliable pharmaceutical products shipping in Canada, USA and internationally. This is why many laboratories count on our reliable and fast shipping services for their time sensitive shipments.

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Partnering with leaders in the healthcare industry to provide cutting edge logistical solutions

As speed and safety are of utmost importance in cold-chain or pharma-logistics, we take our responsibility very seriously. Our specialized team is available round the clock to provide customized solutions for highly sensitive and urgent shipments such as Stem Cell Courier. The team also closely monitors the movement of such shipments ensuring that it reaches its destination in the demanded manner and on time.

Since reliability is the key in such logistics, we have contingency plans in place to make sure we deliver what we promise and when we promised. We go an extra mile to safeguard the interest of all stakeholders involved in the process, and our core aim remains helping the healthcare industry in experiencing the best possible outcomes.

NextFlightCourier has actively been providing services in:

  • Clinical trial logistics
  • Cell and gene therapy
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Direct-to-Patient
  • Pharmaceutical logistics
  • Lab logistics
  • Temperature controlled logistics

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