Nextflightcourier  – Express Courier Services in Canada and Worldwide

Nextflightcourier Worldwide Ltd is a well-experienced express courier company located in Vancouver, Canada. For 10 years, we have been offering express courier services for businesses and private customers in Canada, USA and worldwide. In 2014, we opened our second location in Berlin, Germany. Since then, we are able to offer even faster courier services to our customers in Europe. Worldwide, we work with more than 2,000 agents for pickups, deliveries and on board courier services. With their help we manage successful express deliveries on 5 continents and in 20 different countries.

Our Specialty – 24/ 7 Express Shipping Services

Anytime you need us, we are there to help you! Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a week, we are able to serve our customers in any emergency situation. Our 24/7 express shipping services will bring your passport to the airport before you need to fly out. They will ship machine parts to the factory on another continent before you need to stop your production process. And they will send your aircraft part to the airplane so it can be repaired before the next flight. We are not only a fast courier company, we are your hero in emergency situations offering personalized and fast courier services whenever you need them.

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Business or Private - Easy Express Courier for everybody

Compared to other courier companies, we offer service to everybody. You do not even need an account to ship something with us. Nextflightcourier Worldwide offers easy, personal and fast courier services for businesses of all industries and all nationalities: Factory, construction, airline, laboratory, hospital and much more – No matter which business you are working with, we will find the perfect and fasted express courier service for you! Are you looking for a courier company for a private express service? No problem! Just give us a call!

Air or Ground? – Customized Express Shipping Solutions

What is the speed that you need your parcel to be delivered? Which the distance does it need to go? What type of product are you shipping? Do you need to ship heavy parcels? What is the cost of express shipping which you want to spend?

The service which we propose to our customers is dependent on the answers to those questions. Nextflightcourier does not offer single solutions, we only offer individual express shipping services customized on the needs of our clients. Our specialties are our air express shipping solutions: national and international Next Flight Out, On Board Courier service and Air Charter Service. But we also offer express courier services on ground such as Hot Shot service and local deliveries.

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Pick up and drop off destinations – We go where others don’t!

You need to ship your parcel to an oil field, a town in the Northern parts of Canada or an island where no other courier company delivers to? Nextflightcourier Worldwide will do anything to find suitable solutions for your needs! We manage express courier services at destinations where our competitors do not offer any service. Give us a call and the chance to help you when nobody else can!

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