What is On Board Courier or OBC?

On Board Courier, also called “Hand Carry” is the most efficient and fastest courier service via air. Your shipment will be hand carried by a bonded courier who personally escorts and delivers your package directly to the recipient. This included pick up from the origin, drive to the airport, flying to destination airport and drop off at the destination address. It thus ensures maximum safety and maximum speed by removing the extra layer of process and screening. 

How does On Board Courier work?

You request a quote by sending us all details about your package. Nextflightcourier's team will locate the couriers closest to the departure airport plan the shipping route via scheduled flights to the arrival airport. Once you give us the GO, we will send one courier to your pick up location. He will deliver it same day to its destination – door-to-door. During the whole shipping process, you will be able to track your shipment in Nextflightcourier’s tracking system.

Included in the OBC price   Excluded in the OBC price
  • Pick up within 15 km from departure airport
  • Preparation on package and paperwork
  • Work time of the courier
  • Drop off within 15 km from arrival airport
  • Airfare from origin to destination
  • Overnight stay of the courier in a hotel
    (if needed)
  • Overweight fee for packages over 23 kg






>request a customized offer for your OBC service!

What are the costs for international OBC of Nextflightcourier?

The prices for On Board Courier service is hard to estimate as they are dependent on the daily airfares from origin to destination. We always recommend giving us a call directly to calculate your costs specifically.


On Board Courier rates of Nextflightcourier Worldwide
On Board Courier in Canada from $ 500.00 per parcel
On Board Courier to USA from $ 600.00 per parcel
On Board Courier international from $ 800.00 per parcel



The prices exclude the airfare, government charges, duties and other costs associated to the shipment. All the above prices are subject to change without prior notice. Any additional service will be added to the price.

Who uses On Board Courier service?

This service is mostly used for oversea and international shipments which are very time-critical. Many manufacturing companies prefer On Board Courier because of its highest safety and guarantee for on-time arrival. But also the medicine industry benefits from the secure and fast same day shipping service. Nextflightcourier also uses this shipping method for its Aircraft on Ground deliveries (AOG).