Here, you find all necessary forms to send your express shipment with Nextflightcourier Worldwide Ltd. Please feel free to call us, if you need any help with filling up the forms.

>> Shipping Form

This form is required every shipment and includes the shipper and receiver information as well as the description of the shipment. Please print three copies for the driver and one for yourself.

>> Commercial Invoice

Please use this form for any shipment which will be sent to another country. The Commercial Invoice is required for custom clearance. Please print it once and leave the copy inside the package. Additionally, send the form as pdf file to

>> Credit Card Authorization

The credit card authorization form is required, if you want to pay your shipment via credit card to authorize Nextflightcourier Worldwide Ltd to deduct the total amount from your credit card. Please fill up the form and sent it via email to

>> Account Application

If you want to use Nextflightcourier’s services regularly, a company account makes the payment of your shipment much easier as prepayment will not be required anymore. Placing your order is made easier as well as we have all your data saved in our system with your account. To get an account, please fill up the form and send it via email to