Our prices for urgent shipments

We want to be honest to you. We are not the cheapest courier company in Canada. But we are one of the cheapest same day courier companies which offers personal, reliable and fast shipping solutions. We want to be transparent to our clients in our services as well as in our price calculation. Therefore, the quote which you get from Nextflightcourier’s agents is the final price which you have to pay. There are no hidden fees, no additional costs and no surprising surcharges.

Our Rates - Get an idea of the costs for express shipments

To give an overview of our shipping prices is not easy. As we offer individual and customized solutions for your urgent shipments, the cost may vary significantly. Anyhow we know that the costs are one of the main facts which you need to know to ship your important products. So we try to give you an idea of Nextflightcourier’s rates. Please be aware that these prices do not replace a customized quote from our agents. We always recommend calling us directly for a detailed quote.

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Our air shipping rates

Next Flight Out Worldwide:

  • Next Flight Out in Canada from  $525.00 
  • Next Flight Out to USA from $700.00 
  • Next Flight Out overseas from $900.00 

On Board Courier Worldwide:

  • OBC in Canada from $1500.00 
  • OBC to USA from $2500.00 
  • OBC international from $3000.00
Rates are based on the weight up to 5 pounds. Each additional 5 pounds is $ 50 extra.
Rates are per parcel excluding airfare

Air Charter services in Canada and international

Varies according to the size of plane and distance flown. Please request an individual quote for your Cargo Charter.

Our shipping rates on ground

Hot Shot and Direct Drive Service:

  • Hot Shot via car: $2.10 / loaded kilometer
  • Hot Shot via minivan: $2.50 / loaded kilometer
  • Hot Shot via cargo van: $2.75 / loaded kilometer

Local delivery in Canada & USA

  • Local delivery via car from $75.00 
  • Local delivery via minivan from $95.00
  • Local delivery via cargo van from $120.00
Please call 877 388 6398 for cube van or truck delivery options  



All the above prices are subject to change without prior notice. Any additional service will be added to the price.
Above prices does not include government charges, duties and other costs associated to the shipment.



Payment Method – How can you pay our urgent shipment?

Nextflightcourier Worldwide offers courier services to all customers. So you do not need an account to send your urgent shipment with us. For our new clients, we offer prepaid services. This can be paid via credit card, cash or bank transfers. Once we receive the payment from you, we will be on our way to the pickup location.

Regular business clients of Nextflightcourier have the possibility to set up a customer’s account. Sending your urgent shipment with us will then be faster and easier: with your account number, anybody of your company request a shipping quote and set up new orders for your company. Additionally, our agents do not have to spend some important time to organize prepayments and credit card numbers from you. With an account with Nextflightcourier it only need one call and your urgent shipment will be on its way.