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Private express shipping in Canada and Worldwide

You want to send your urgent package immediately, but all sameday courier companies only serve businesses with company accounts? Or did you get into an emergency situation and need express shipping on the weekend? NextFlightCourier is proud to have many satisfied private customers. We do not make a difference between companies and individuals. No matter who needs urgent shipping services, NextFlightCourier helps everybody anytime and anywhere. No account is necessary. You can just pay via direct transfer, credit card or pay pal. Easy and fast handling – Because you do not want to handle with unnecessary problems, if you are already in an emergency situation.

Shipping on Weekends and Holidays– 24/7 NextFlightCourier Canada

So many shipping companies do only delivery Monday to Friday. But what if you need to send keys to Toronto on a Saturday? Who can you call, if you need to ship important documents to a government office in Ottawa which needs to arrive early Monday morning? Drivers and dispatchers of NextFlightCourier are available 24/7. Our hotline will ship your package even on holidays and weekends. Because we know that you do not decide, when you are stuck in an emergency situation.

>> 24/7 hotline for urgent shipments!

Package tracking for emergency shipments

You are waiting impatiently for your package to arrive? Do you want to know how far your shipment is away from its destination? Use the tracking system of NextFlightCourier and stay updated on every step of the shipping process.

>> Track your shipment here!