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24/7 On-Demand Direct Drive- Hot Shot

NextFlightCourier’s Direct Drive or Hot Shot service is a premier door-to-door service whereby our 24/7 fleet of certified drivers promptly take your urgent documents, parcels and pallets to their desired destinations via the fastest route, without any delays or unnecessary stops.

If you want to send your urgent shipment cross-country, our Direct Drive agents will not only drive your parcel on the fastest route, but will also take care of the custom clearance and ensure fast border crossing.

We understand your time-critical shipment needs and deliver on public holidays and weekends as well.

The Best Shipping Solution on Ground

If you have an urgent direct delivery to make, or your shipment needs to be delivered to a remote area where no air service is available, then Direct Drive/ Hot Shot is the optimal solution to transport your rush shipment.

To improve efficiency and ensure a seamless delivery process, NextFlightCourier has a wide range of vehicles to suit all your shipment needs:

  • Car: for small shipments and packages that are up to 50 kgs
  • Cargo Van: for medium size shipments and pallets that are up to 250 kgs
  • Truck: for large and heavy shipments

How does Direct Drive work?

You can demand NextFlightCourier's Direct Drive or Hot Shot service by filling in and sending us the shipping form along with a credit card authorization to pay for the service. Upon receiving your request, our team will plan an optimal route and immediately send out a driver to the pick-up location, and deliver your shipment on time to the delivery address. Depending on your location, you can also pay via an e-transfer or cash to the driver.

We also offer special accounts to our regular customers where they enjoy a host of benefits including the option to pay upon invoice receipt.

What more? You can also keep track of your shipment via NextFlightcourier's tracking system.

If you have a shipment that needs to be delivered right away then give us a a call.