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Emergency shipment for plant shut downs– Send your machine part 24/7

Automotive plants as well as any machinery construction sides are highly dependent on an on-time delivery of their machine parts. Production stops and plant shut downs could be the consequence of a missing part or a broken machine. That’s why NextFlightCourier always makes sure that you will receive your machine part fast, on-time and secure. “Just in time delivery” is our mission and promise. We are aware of the importance of your machine part deliveries. You can rely on us every day and every minute!

Regular parts delivery to your plant

You regularly need parts for your production at your plant anywhere in Australia, Canada, USA or Europe? No problem. We can schedule a driver for you every day, every week or every month. Your advantage: You only need to call us once and all your work is done. Our agents will take care of your regular shipments once you provided us with all information and time schedule.

  • >> Doesn’t that sound great and easy? It is!
  • >> So do not hesitate and call us for your regular, dedicated shipments: 07 3040 9851

Just in time delivery in Australia, US & Canada

No matter where you need your machine parts to be delivered to, NextFlightCourier can help you to receive your package on time. For emergency local deliveries we operate with cars, vans and cargo vans. If you need to send your machine parts longer distance we will provide you with our direct drive service in Australia, Canada & US. Delivered on ground, your emergency shipment will be on its way directly to its destination. Send your machine parts overseas with the On Board Courier Service or by Next Flight Out. These express shipping services are the fastest and most reliable shipping method for your just in time delivery.

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