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What is International Next Flight Out?

This express shipping service via air is one of the fastest ways to ship urgent packages. NextFlightCourier’s Next Flight Out service is not just about putting your shipment on the next available flight, but it is focused on intelligently identifying the fastest and the best ways of shipping your package to its destination.

Our team of specialized agents use a data-driven approach when choosing the Next Flight Out options ensuring a speedy and reliable delivery. There are thousands of commercial flights each day, but identifying the one which isn’t only the next, but is surely the best, is where our team’s experience comes in. When choosing the fastest yet the best available option, our agents take many factors into consideration; i.e. nature of the flight (direct or indirect), transit time, type of aircraft, weather, the schedule reliability, airports and their average handling time as well as the time of the year to avoid certain busy airports. By linking our network of agents with these flights, we can deliver your urgent and emergency shipments on the same day, or in the fastest way possible.

How does Next Flight Out work?

You give us a call or send us an email with the origin and destination address, weight and dimensions as well as the type of product that you wish to send. First, we locate the airports nearest both to the origin as well as the destination. Next, we identify the optimal flight(s) departing and arriving at these airports, and the drive time to and from each. With this information, we immediately send out the driver nearest to the shipment to pick up your package.

The shipment is picked up from its origin, taken to the airport and tendered to the optimized flight as air cargo. Upon flight arrival, we retrieve your shipment and deliver it to its final destination.

What are the costs of Next Flight Out Service?

The prices of Next Flight Out service are dependent on the weight, dimensions and type of goods that you need to ship. The distance of the destination from its origin is also a contributing factor, along with many other factors. The exact cost can only be calculated with more details of the shipment, however, to give you an idea of the costs, please find the overview below.

Our rates start from:

  • Next Flight Out within Canada starts from: $575.00
  • Next Flight Out within Australia starts from: $775.00
  • Next Flight Out overseas starts from: $1,200.00

*All the above prices are base prices and are for packages are upto 1 kg

Included in our Next Flight Out prices:

  • Pick up from the origin within 15 km of the departure airport
  • Preparation of package and paperwork for air cargo
  • Delivery on the plane as air cargo to the arrival airport
  • Drop off at a destination within 15 km from the arrival airport

To get an exact and individualized quote, please give us a call or send us an email with the details of your shipment.

Who is our Next Flight Out service for?

We work closely with leaders in the aerospace, medical supplies, electronics, manufacturing and e-commerce industries. Also we provide 24/7 Next Flight Out services for private customers who might need to send important documents, such as their passport or other urgent packages. With NextFlightCourier’s Next Flight Out service, you can send your urgent shipments in the fastest and the most reliable way possible.

We know that the success or failure of same day shipping can have a significant impact on your business, hence we work carefully and smartly to identify the best and the fastest options to fit your requirements.

Call the expert of Next Flight Out!

NextFlightCourier's highly skilled team and experienced agents are mastered in delivering your shipment immediately. Count on us to quickly pick up your urgent package and get it moving instantly at any day of the year- including weekends and holidays. We are the experts in domestic and international same day air services and are always prepared for any contingencies. Moreover, Next Flight Out customers benefit from our efficient tracking systems as well our personalized email and text services that keep our customers updated at each and every step of the shipping process.