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On Board Courier (OBC) or as we say-
Next On-Board?

On Board Courier (OBC), or as we at NextFlightCourier call it- Next On-Board, is one of the most efficient, fast and reliable shipping services via air. A dedicated OBC specialist who takes full personal custody of your shipment, escorts it to the plane and delivers it straight to the recipient. Our specialists include a global network of experienced travelers. This service allows not only more accountability of the shipment, but also a lot more control over its speedy delivery.

NextFlightCourier’s Next On-Board includes pick up from the origin, drive to the airport, flying to the destination airport and drop off at the destination address. Since every second in a logistical emergency is crucial, this services ensures maximum speed as well as safety by removing the extra layers of processes and screenings.

If you have an urgent, time-critical or a sensitive shipment that needs personals care, than Next On-Board is the service for you!

How does On Board Courier or Next On-Board Work?

Since every second in a logistical emergency matters, we aim to keep the booking process as easy as possible. Simply call us with the necessary details about your shipment or request for a quote via our website. NextFlightCourier’s 24/7 team will immediately plan the optimal route to swiftly get your shipment to its destination, and once you give a go ahead, the shipment is picked up, and sent out to be delivered, all door-to door.

What are the costs of sending an International OBC?

Due to the regular fluctuation in the air fares, it is difficult to provide an estimate for the service, hence we recommend giving us a call to calculate the exact cost.

Included in the OBC price Excluded in the OBC price
Pick up within 15 km from departure airport Airfare from origin to destination
Preparing the package and paperwork Overnight stay of the courier in a hotel (if needed)
Work time of the courier Overweight fee for packages over 23 kg
Drop off within 15 km from arrival airport

Who uses On-Board Courier service?

This service is mostly used for domestic and international shipments that are time sensitive, need extra care from end to end or are urgent in nature. Our customers range from companies in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, aircraft on ground (AOG), etc. Moreover, those with legal document/s that needs to be signed and returned benefit from this secured white glove service too.